Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Inside the Outside

Strewing the wishes 
like a Sennett from the far away 
sounding just like the drums of a snare 
just lisps of lifeless wishes uttered 
like swarms of roars 
like vitriolic virulent feelings 
echoed by hallucinative prisms
stenchy moist in the eyes
is what is left of the lure 
to the den of grand deceptions 
so translucent and prase 
the trip of tears through a sprue
into the land of fearless brumes 
standing behind the eye and its vision 
the soul and its mission 
the dark and its perception 
another boyard gone insane 
stuck with a face without a name
hindering and hampering the lame
impeding proses into flames 

Monday, February 25, 2013

As the daisies were gathered

As the daisies were gathered
around the fountain of whispers
longing to the dewy days
where love was easy
to come by
moans were so breezy
the soul's going so crazy
trying to catch the moondance

Pretending to be a storm
to cover the glow with haze
the map to unseen mazes
where the heart longs to be
a halo longs to its shadow
hearts to their murmurs

Mesmerized by the light
so frail to fight
just like a fading might
when it goes out of sight

As the daisies were gathered
to bloom and blossom
into the friends color
they might calm
an ocean jettisoned
by its own waves

As the daisies were gathered
into the unborn dawn
gone missing
along with the swan feather

As the daisies were gathered
into oblivion
into another gathering
that never took place
to mourn passers by
undecided to go or stay
just like the season's mist
when it goes awry

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Burning desires

doors to the dawn
elaborate plans
enjoy the mystic
of being a sigh
in a dream
in a joy of love
close your eyes
hear heart cries
feel the soul sighs
longing to its highs
into your eyes
pretend no otherwise
don't have alibis
not even whys
meet me halfway
under the bridge
sanctuary in a dew
meeting a flower
blooming in the wind
under the stars
of burning desires

Monday, February 18, 2013

In the air floating

in the air floating
tranced by some cyclone
throve of a march
without a baton
in search of a prone
just like a drone
stingless and dull
yet sinking in awe
just like a leaf
brinking away
like a feather dancing
in its own world
having its own rhythm
within its own soul
so evasive to capture
so real in its quietness

Friday, February 15, 2013

Awash to the shore land

Awash tidings
bringing desires
behind moans
of smiling stars
and dancing moons

Perfect world of
smooth shells
marking time
toward the land

A journey to sand
of thousand whispers
hearts to mend
souls to blend
through mazes
and different phases

To remember
why we became
alive through a hope
there is a mirror
in the inner side
of each other's mind

Thursday, January 24, 2013

echoes gone

choosing echoes
bringing up the sudden halo
abound and riposte
reap and awry
funny and decaying
plentiful and bashful
the world ashen
as if there is a rub
as if there is a meaning

absent are my own exaltation
ask for the will
stand still
see how it feel
with this deal
awry bitter seal

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Home Bound

Where is home ?
where is the smile ?
ushering the warmth

Where is the heart ?
where is the beat
the glorious seat
above the world standing
tall and immaculate

Where is the broom ?
destination insanity land
or under the rug ?

Where is the gloom ?
when in need to face it
once for all
trance or another stall
just copiously messy
silently roaring
where is the ilk
of my flickering mind

Trying to wrap my sound
my mound and wound
I no longer want to hear my own whispers